Our Philosophy

The past year has been a difficult one, both for the US and for the world. It has also been a difficult one for the colored stone business, with both controversial treatments and controversial press (the now-debunked claims that tanzanite sales helped support terrorists).

In difficult times, one's core beliefs are all the more important. For it is this bedrock morality that separates companies that develop and grow and endure, from those that disappear at the first sign of a business dip.

At The Galaxie Jewelers you will not hear us saying: "Extraordinary", "Fabulous", or "Superb" for gems that are obviously low grade. Nor will you find gems with glaring clarity problems labeled as "Top Crystal".

Similarly, you will never see us hide or soft-peddle controversial treatment. You will never read a statement at The Galaxie Jewelers that says: "We see no difference in the value of treated and untreated gemstones."

Instead, what you will find is straight talk on some of the most beautiful and romantic creations of nature. At The Galaxie Jewelers, when you dig below the surface, you'll find each of us are believers. We actually believe it is a privilege to handle nature's bounty and love nothing more than to share our excitement and wonder with the world.

But in handling these creations, there is a sacred trust that should not be broken -- we must be true to our ourselves and our customers. We must provide accurate information, not fluff.

We have been in business for over thirty years and expect to be in business for another thirty. Our future success will no doubt relate to truth -- being true to our customers and true to ourselves. This is our philosophy.

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